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  • Pastor Brian Cole - Prison Ministry and the Path that led him there Brian Cole (Knecht) – After 30+ years involved in Satanism and the occult, 27+ years of incaIMG_5453rceration (4 as a juvenile, 23 as an adult), 25+ years as a drug addict, and caught up in many other addictions...

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  • Dant'e Cottingham #259241 - Mass Incarceration and the People Fighting for Change US Podcast Host Dant'e Cottingham talks about the progress of the podcast so far, the incredible guests he has encountered and the future for the show.

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  • Professor Emeritus, Doug Carnine, PhD - Author of Saint Badass and How to win love. Friendship & Support For Meditation, Mindfulness, & Kindness Facilitated Transcendence While in Tucker Max How This Started The Feed Kindness, Starve Harm project focuses on why and how to fuse mindfulness, meditation and kindness into everyday living. It grew out...

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About Me

Dant'e D. Cottingham

At the age of 17, Dante Cottingham was charged with party to a crime of homicide, waived to the adult criminal court system, convicted, sentenced to a lengthy term of imprisonment and then transferred to an adult maximum security prison. He’s currently serving his 24th year of incarceration at the Jackson Correctional Institute in Black River Falls, WI.

While incarcerated he obtained his paralegal degree. He is a tutor and teaches fellow prisoners to read and write, math and other subjects.


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